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BWChart FAQ / Troubleshooting

Chinese version (thx to Emlary).
Korean version (thx to Waxangel).

Q:What is APM?

Actions Per Minute = (the number of actions recorded in the replay file / game duration in seconds) * a minute. The first 80 seconds of the game are discarded.

Q:What kind of "actions" are recorded in the replay file?

All actions that the BW engine needs to actually replay the game and only those actions. Those actions can be mouse clicks or keyboard based. For example, actions that are recorded:

-selection of a unit or building
-moving a unit or lifted terran building
-telling a unit to attack, to stop, to hold position, to patrol
-telling an scv to mine
-casting a spell (psi storm, plague, restore, etc)
-training a unit (ex: you have a CC selected and you press 's' to train an SCV)
-researching a technology
-upgrading anything (terran infantry weapons, armor, etc)
-summoning an archon
-evolving an hydralisk into a lurker
-building an add-on (machine shop, com sat, control tower, etc)
-morphing a creep colony into a sunken or spore colony
-all hotkeys

Actions that are NOT recorded:
-clicks on the minimap
-clicks on the map that are not on a unit, building or resource
-F2,F3,F4 keys
-pressing on keys that are not used by the game

Q:How can I interpret my average APM?

Average APM on a large enough sample of games can be read this way:

Around 50 : you're basically a newbie, the guy who plays once a week (like me) and use the very minimum hotkey.

Around 100: you're an experienced player who really tries to get better. Read again: i said experienced, not good, or even skilled. You simply have a lot of experience and you try to use hotkeys as much as possible. But there is definitely room to get "faster", that is to control units better, to produce more, to scout more often = to make more usefull things at the same time.

Around 150: you've got all the experience that one needs to make the most out of keyboard/mouse speed. Which means, you are fast, as fast as you can reasonably be. Again, I didnt say you're good or skilled, just as fast as you need to be.

Around 200 & above: you're clicking and hotkeying more than needed, but that's just a way to play. Doesn't mean you're faster than the guy with 150 APM. You just repeat actions more. In fact, if like Rekrul said, BWchart could completely remove the useless actions, we'd probably see the APM of those players going down to around 150.

Of course, this is just "a way" to read APM value.

Q: Isnt it possible to show current supply stock?

There is already a curve for supply. But it's not the "current supply". It's the "total supply" since beginning of game. This is because from the .rep we can tell when units are built, but not when they are killed. So we don't know when supply goes down.

Q: I watched my replay under BW and it says I built 50 marines. BWChart says I built 70. Why?

the replay records all actions, including the "useless" ones or "invalid actions". Those actions did not succeed, most probably because you didn't have enough mineral, gas or supply. BWChart tried to detect as much as possible which actions are invalid, but it can't figure out 100% of them.

Q: whats that little number before the action count, and act/min?

That number represent the APM ratio and it means that 1 player is in example, 1.25 times faster than the other and player 2 is .75 times "slower" or just faster backwards way.

Q: In the Action Distribution, there's an action named "0x33" what is it?

Actions with hexadecimal names are actions that are not known yet by BWChart, so it only prints the hex number.

Q: "Watch Replay" does not work on my PC, why?

Check the "options" section and try to adjust the various parameters. Those include some delays for bwchart to simulate the typing of the keys, as well as the sequence of keys itself. So if you use a BW with different kbd shortcuts (like if you have a spanish version of BW), you can set the keys there. The default sequence is "SBORO*O":

S = (S)ingle player
B = (B)roodwar or Starcraft
O = (O)k on the id screen
R = load (R)eplay
O = (O)k to select the bwchart replay directory
* = equals "arrow down" to select the replay itself
O = (O)k to start the replay
Other special keys: ? = equals "arrow up"

When you're done with watching the replay, you should either quit BW, or go back to the very first screen. Otherwise, the key sequence will not work if you try to watch another replay.
If the automatic key pressing does not work, just disable it ("auto keys" option).

Q:Everytime I refresh, it performs an illegal operation after scanning a few replays and crashes

somewhere there you probably got a corrupted replay. If you try to load it with BW you should get "replay is corrupted". Try to locate which replay is causing the problem. To do that refresh the folders one by one until you find the folder containing the corrupted replay.

Q:I had 3070 actions, over the course of a game that was 16:47. Thats roughly 182 APM, which it was shown as being on 1.00S. On 1.01F, however, it comes up as 154 APM.

Since version 1.01F APM computation discards all events from first 1'20

Q:If i want to Know what the player is clicking on in the action list (ex. action:select parameters:3591). How do i find out what 3591 means?

Those numbers you're talking about are the objects ids. Those id start at a certain value in the beginning of the game, and then every time a unit or building is created, the "next id" value is decremented by one and assigned to the new object, whatever player or race it is. So there's no accurate way to figure out what object corresponds to an id. For buildings though, you can pretty much tell from what units come out of it, because to train any unit, you must select the building first (with select or hotkey). Of course, in the early phase of the game, you can also tell which ids are the scv/probes/drones and CC/nexus/hatchery, but that's about it.

Q:Why is it not possible to see the Build Order after the first 6-7 minutes?

The idea of the build order window is to show what is known as the "build order" (duh). Which is "the sequence of buildings/upgrades/units the player did before his first attack". I'm quoting Nazgul here. That's why it stops around 6 or 7 minutes.

Q:What is APM +/- ?

It's called APM deviation and it measures how "stable" is your APM during a game. If APM deviation is null, it means you kept the exact same APM all game long. If APM deviation is very high (especially in % of your average APM) it means your APM has been changing a lot during the game (for example you have big peaks when you micro an attack).

Q:Are you planning to make a MAC version ?

No. I don't have a MAC and even if I had one, I don't know UI progamming on it, so I leave that to the MAC experts out there.

Q:Why is my average apm in BWCoach not the same than the one given by BWChart ?

That is because BWChart measures actions that were actually recorded into the replay file. Whereas BWCoach measures clicks & keys. Even though minimap clicks are discarded, misclicks in the map are not.

For example, if you click 20 times in a row on a CC, it counts as 1 select action in BWChart, whereas in BWCoach, it counts as 20 actions. For keys, most of the useless ones are discarded. That includes the F2,F3,F4 keys, the tab key, the arrows, the space bar and every key that you type in messages (since 1.00J). Basically only hotkeys and unit/building letters are recorded. So it's quite close to BWChart.

Q:What are the differences between very flat, flat, medium, dynamic, very dynamic? Why does the APM curve change aspect and why do the APM peaks change too?

The APM curve shows "local APM", that is the estimated APM at a given point in time. But remember what APM means: actions per minute. So how do you measure actions per minute at a given point in time? Well you decide of a time window, for example 10 seconds around that point, you count the actions during that time period and do the necessary computation to get an APM value. Therefore, the local APM value depends on the width on the time window you choose. The larger the time window, the more you average the local APM, the flatter the curve will look. If you took the largest time window (that is the game duration) for every point in time, the curve would be a straight line at the average APM value. So the very flat, flat, medium, etc, choices are just different time windows. If you want a precise view of your local APM with all the peaks and drops, use a dynamic option. If you prefer to see a more overall tendency for APM throughout the game, use a flat option.


Q:It crashes right away when I start BWChart. What can I do?

Try deleting the BWChart settings in the registry. To do so:
1-start the program called "regedit" (it's a Windows tool)
2-open the tree at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\bwchart
3-delete the subtree also called bwchart

If it still doesn't work: Make a backup copy of the files that you have in "\my documents\bwchart" and delete the content of that folder. Then restart BWChart and do a refresh on the Replay Browser. If it works like this, then you can bring back your copy of the akas & comments files: comments.txt, akas.txt and mapakas.txt.

Q:when I start BWChart, I get a Windows error saying something missing in MFC42.DLL . What can I do?

Download the latest version of these Microsoft dlls here and copy to the bwchart.exe directory.

Q:When downloading a .rep from WSL, it is not possible to right-click and "save as" because it's a flashobject. But if I left-click BWChart opens it and it gets downloaded to a temporary folder. How can I fix that?

Double click the Workstation icon, then Tools, then Folder Options. Select the File Type page and look for the .REP extension. Edit the properties for this extension. Look in the advanced options, there is a checkbox there to ask if u want to open the file type when downloading.

Q:when I start BWChart, I get a Windows error saying "can't locate program entry point GdiGradientFill in GDI32.dll".

You need to install MSIMG32.DLL in your /windows/system32 directory.

Q:when I start BWChart, I get a Windows error saying "Missing library msvcp60.dll".

You need to install MSVCP60.DLL in your /windows/system32 directory.